Mergers & Acquisitions

Work is our Passion 

Whether concerning the merger of two enterprises into one unit in a legal and economic sense, or the acquisition of business units - Adeo shall always be your reliable partner in cooperation with the necessary specialists. 
However, accompanying the process of buying an enterprise or company shares, or of transferring property rights, shall always be a challenge in the individual case.

Reaching New Goals 

Share deal or asset deal?  

Transfer of actively used management and control rights 

Whether concerning the merger of assets or the integration of the target enterprise’s assets into the buying company - Adeo shall face the demands with reliability.

Determining the  

Negotiation Strategy

Adeo works on very different projects, making use of already developed processes, but also implementing new concepts and innovative ideas. Apart from economic considerations, legal problems, or insights into a certain line of business, the psychological component is very important. Experience tells us: “Things never turn out the way you expect them to.”  Because nothing changes more often than conditions.  

Success through motivated and situation-oriented communication 

Time-consuming internal and external negotiations, including the proper coordination of all the parties concerned, as well as motivated and situation-oriented communication: this is M&A.
In order to cover the wide range of knowledge, efficient delegation of tasks within the team shall never turn work into routine. 

The Team 

Challenge is the chance of higher probability of success  

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